Greetings! Welcome to the official TAY Fit Club; I’m nublado, your host.

The purpose of TAY Fit Club is to offer a friendly, judgement free place to talk about fitness, get tips, and to motivate others to reach their fitness goals. All experience levels are welcome.


This post is to serve as an introduction and a place to share Habitica user names. Habitica is the app we’ll be using to keep track of our fitness. It’s a habit RPG that allows you to keep track of habits, tasks, and to do lists. As you complete tasks, you get experience and level up. This allows you to buy gear.

Once you create your account, share your username in the comments. I will then add you to the TAY Fit Club Habitica party. Parties can complete quests as they level up by completing their tasks.

If you cannot use Habitica for some reason, I can come up with a pen and paper version for you to use.

“When do we meet?”

You can expect a post every Friday or Saturday depending on my schedule. The first post will be this Friday and I’ll offer a beginner workout, some tips, and maybe even a recipe for some healthy food. If you feel like posting a before photo, feel free to do so on that first Friday post.


“Who the hell is nublado and why should I listen to him?”

Good question. I’m not a fitness expert by any means and have no professional trainer certifications. What I do have is years of experience.


I used to be 298 pounds, extremely out of shape. I was poor and needed a job. The only options available to me were the oil field or the military. I trained for the military and became a medic for a while. I got out and mostly write code now.

Two years ago, I decided to join the Navy when I graduate and attempt to commission as an officer. I started training HARD. I intended on just training so that I could max the physical fitness test, but this was a gateway drug. I instead got addicted to weightlifting and have been a serious bodybuilder since then.


My Training Schedule: A Summary

I workout about four hours per day, from 8:00 AM to about 12:00 PM. Six days per week, resting on Mondays. Every three days is a full body workout, with the sixth day being more intense than the others. We’ll more into specifics when we get to advanced training or if you demand it.


Monday: Rest

Tuesday: Arms, legs, abs accessory

Wednesday: Chest, back, abs accessory

Thursday: Shoulders, legs (more calves focused), full abs workout, forearms

Friday: Arms, legs, abs accessory

Saturday: Chest, back, abs accessory

Sunday: Shoulders, legs (more calves focused), full abs workout, forearms, triceps accessory



I eat about 2500 to 3500 calories per day, depending on the day. For example, I eat about 3500 calories on Sunday, my heaviest day. I eat this much to get to about 240g of protein per day.


This works for me because I live at the gym, but not everybody. We’ll go into specific recommendations on Friday.

I look forward to hearing from you! Time to hit the gym!

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